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Friday, October 7, 2011

Easy Cheesy Eggs & Sausage Topped Waffles {recipe}

Breakfast in my house is sometimes rushed, but even then I can always find time to make M's favorite..Cheesy Eggs & Sausage Topped Waffles. Eggs are simple and everyone does them differently, but my kids will only eat them the way I make them. Maybe it's the seasoning, maybe it's the gooey cheese or maybe the threat of nothing else to eat until lunch..lol Either way, they chow it down and M usually asks for seconds of just the eggs.


Makes 2 servings

4 Eggs
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes
1 Tbsp Milk
4 Sausage Patties (I use Jimmy Dean)
2 Frozen Waffles
Shredded Cheese
Cooking Spray


Place your sausage in a preheated pan. No oil or cooking spray needed. Cook over medium heat.  5-7 minutes per side. Get your eggs ready.

These are my "secret" ingredients to my eggs. Over my 30+ years making eggs, it has never failed.

In a small bowl crack 4 eggs and add spices. I eye ball it, but I guess it would amount to about 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1/4 tsp garlic salt and a dash (unless you want them spicier) of the red pepper flakes. Also add your 1 Tbsp milk and whisk.

Nice and airy eggs, set aside. In a small nonstick skillet, coat bottom with cooking spray and preheat on Med. 

When pan is warm, but not too hot...add your egg mixture. Let eggs sit and cook until you see the bottom just start to bubble up.

While waiting for the eggs to bubble up, flip your patties. 

Cover the sausage skillet and turn to low, eggs should be great to scramble.

With a spatula, turn the eggs up from the bottom of the pan and let the wet eggs fill the pan again. 

Keep doing the above step until all the wet eggs are cooked and fluffy. Turn pan down to low.

Time for my favorite part..the cheesy goodness! I like to use a preshredded mix, I find that it is much finer than I can do myself and melts better.

Now, I love my eggs super cheesy, so I pile it on! Not exactly healthy, but i'll just have carrots for lunch... lol. Add as little or as much of the cheese as you like.

Cover your cheesy eggs and turn pan to simmer. Let all that steam melt the cheesy and yet, not keep cooking the eggs and try them out. Also at this time, turn your sausage pan also down to simmer!

While sausage and eggs are keeping war, toast your frozen waffles.

This is an excellent time to pour yourself a cup of coffee! I am so excited to see the holiday flavored creamers again, I look forward to it all year.

Okay back to the breakfast. After waffles are toasted it is time to start assembling your breakfast! Place two sausage patties on top of a waffle. 

And top that with half of your cheesy eggs...presto! If you really want to go all out, top the whole pile with a spoon full of homemade salsa. Ugh it is so good!


Veronica Lee said...

This looks delish, Steph!

I've always associated waffles with either jam or maple syrup but never thought of eating them with sausages.

I will certainly give this a try!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

looks delicious!


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