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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whale Bento & A Donut Peach

Whale sami with cheesy baby whale and water spouts. 
Mini grape tomatoes, carrots and half of a donut peach, sliced.

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! It rained here (and still is) so we stayed in, did things around the house and basically relaxed. I shouldn't say "we" because "I" spent most of the time canning. I am just having too much fun with it, I can't help myself. Salsa's, pickles, garlic, jalapenos and serrano's with veg. It's just awesome and I have a nice little winter stash. 

So Saturday I had to make a run to the store for more jars and on my way home I stopped by our local produce stand for some big fresh tomatoes. It's a great little place, all fresh fruit and veggies that are grown only a few feet away. I will post more about this place later, with awesome pictures. So while there I met the owner and grower, such a sweet older gentleman.

As we were chatting about the weather I came across a sign for "donut peaches" in front of these round flat looking things. I had never heard of this before and quickly he grabbed one for me and said "you have to try it". I bit into it, my eyes went wide and I turned to him..."oh my god" I said. "I know" he said. 

I love fruit but am not really a peach person. I do not like soft fruits, I want crunch and texture. This was all of the above. Sweet, crisp and crunchy. He says that a lot of the moms buy them for their kids because they are easy to hold for little hands because of the "donut" shape and the pit is mush smaller than a normal peach. What a fabulous, delicious find on a humid, rainy day.  


***Sharon*** said...

I wonder if the donut peaches are the same as Saturn peaches? They are the best! I tried one from Trader Joe's and about died! Later had one from Costco and it was horrible. Can't imagine what one would taste like ripe practically picked from the tree!!!!

Candy Girl said...

Yum! That peach looks so good! Love the mama & baby whale :)

Veronica Lee said...

You did it again! Another awesome benton!! The whales are stinkin' cute!!

Veronica Lee said...

I meant bento!

Amy said...

I love it! Soooo clever. All of your Bento's are adorable.


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