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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall, Sea Life & A Frog Prince Bento

Sept 16 - Fall Leaves Bento
Maple Leaf sami's, mini bell cheese, tomatoes, star carrots and diced pears.

Sept 19 - Sea Life Bento
Sea Horse sami, carrot fish's, mini applesauce & carrot muffin (recipe coming soon),
tomatoes, black grapes and melon.

Sept 20 - Frog Prince
Frog prince and magic wand sami's with cheesy details. Heart carrots, tomatoes, mini muffin,
melon, black grapes and pretzels.

Sept 21 - A Nutty Squirrel
Squirrel sami, acorn mini bell, mini muffins, black grapes,
tomatoes and checkered apple.

Trying to catch up on on my bento posts. I have been cooking and baking so much this past week and trying to write and get those recipes posted, the bento posts keep getting pushed back. I have been looking back on my old posts and am being reminded of fun techniques (like the checkered apple) that I have already forgotten. It's amazing what you forget over summer brake...lol

Bento Lunch


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