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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sewing Room Redesign, Stage1

The time has come. We, for the most part, are settled into our new home and now I get to do something I have wanted to do since opening Sew Fierce. I get to design my sewing room from the ground up! I am so excited *squeal*! As you will see in the next progress posts, this room needs home help! So right now I am in the first stages. I figured while I am drafting out how I want my room and how I want the furniture built...I could organize.

So I looked around the room and thought, "where is the messiest place to start"... definitely my stash of elastic and buttons. Next to fabric and thread I use the elastic daily, and frankly I am just tired of having gallon sized ziplock bags full of mixed buttons taking up space.

So I went to the basement and found a few aqua colored glass canning jars...perfect size for the yards of elastic I stash. Looking at them, I wanted to cover up the lids so when I have them displayed on the in the works shelves, they will be pretty..lol So I went through my scrap fabric. When I found what I wanted I used pinking shears to cut the fabric into squares and then hot glued it to the lids. Then I hot glued twine around it...kinda country, and since that's where I live now, I think it works.

For now when the elastic is not in use I am keeping the jars in my cabinet along with the new, improved and wickedly organized buttons! I found these small mason jars at my local hardware store, 4 jars for $4.50...deal! I bought a few (8) to get started but found I will need several more. However for now, the cabinet is much more organized and user friendly.

Coming soon....Stage 2...PAINT! I can not wait for this stage. I have my colors all picked out and am excited to get started!!! Stay tuned you are not going to want to miss the "before" pictures of this room.


***Sharon*** said...

You KNOW I am SO going to store my elastic, bias tape, binding and whatever else this way! LOVE IT! Gonna "pin" it! :)

House Of Aqua said...

Ohhhhh......GREAT idea and it looks lovely too! Can't wait to see your progress!

Unknown said...

How absolutely exciting!! :0) Your jars are cute.

Unknown said...

I love feeling all organized!


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