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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Day For Blueberry Picking!

Saturday was a beautiful day and I knew we had to get out of the house. We spent all last weekend and a few days since in the house due to rain. Which was okay because I have been sewing and prepping my room for a makeover, but cabin fever was setting in. Last month I found a local farm on Facebook called Miller's Orchards Farm Market. I have been excited to get out there and check them out, so when I saw they were having their last day of blueberry picking...well of course we had to go.

When we were in Cali we would go apple picking and the girls loved it. Knowing how crazy they are for fresh blueberries I thought this would be a great surprise for them....and it was. After a delicious lunch at our favorite local restaurant B&B, we headed for Miller's Orchards Farm Market with our buckets in hand hoping there would be some berries left for us.

We arrive and promptly walk into the market to check it out. We were greeted by a couple of very friendly young ladies behind the counter, one asked my girls if they would like to try the homemade blueberry crumb. Well of course, my girls are all for free tasty samples...just ask the workers at Sam's Club...lol  We told them we were there for the blueberry picking and they called for a hay ride to pick us up, how fun!

We hitched a ride with Wally and he took us out to the blueberry patch. Such a sweetheart, we chatted him up about being new to the area, how much we are enjoying ourselves and much more. It was a pleasure to talk with him and in our conversation we found out they are a 7th generation farm. You can read out the history of the farm here.

Along with being excited to pick fresh blueberries we were pleasantly surprised to see hens and roosters running free and pigs! C got her first up close experience with a rooster (apparently now we need chickens at home she says). Wally left us and we met up with his son whom explained where the berries were, and that it was the end of the season so it might be slim pickens. We didn't care, it was more about the experience for the girls.

We were not disappointed! The girls had so much fun and they filled up their buckets to the sum of 3 lbs! It was great seeing them so excited when they found a good spot with lots of berries. They were focused and had smiles from ear to ear. We even had some friends tagging along with us...yep, the chickens. They were hanging out under the bushes picking up the fallen berries and the girls enjoyed tossing them a few juicy ones.

Before we left the blueberry patch and got back on the wagon we had to go see the pigs in the apple orchard. They were all so adorable, especially the babies.

This mama pig was so sweet she came right up to me a couple times, let me pet her and posed for the camera. When I shot this she had just looked up from foraging for oats on the ground.

After our visit with the pigs we hitched a ride with Wally once again and headed back to the market where we weighed our berries, and bought some yummy orange blossom honey and fresh corn. It was a lovely family day. We brought home some delicious berries and made some new friends both human and animal alike.

Disclaimer: I was not contacted by Miller's Orchards Farm Market to write a review. All opinions and experiences expressed are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.


***Sharon*** said...

Looks like an awesome day in the country!!! Beautiful pics of beautiful people......as always. :)

Veronica Lee said...

Blueberries!!!! Mmmmm!!!

We get them either frozen or canned over here.

Love the pics as always, S!

TheMoellerPad said...

Aww love the pigs :) How cute! Looks like you had a fab day!


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