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Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Challenge - Bright and Vivid

Since our cross country move and everything else going on I have not been able to participate in the fun weekly blogging events like I Heart Faces. So I am getting myself back on track starting today with this weeks photo challenge - bright and vivid.

Yesterday I took my girls to their first Horse Show, the proceeds went to help our local Fire Dept. When I was younger I rode hunter/jumper. My horse's name was Digbee. I loved him so much and I loved everything about horses, I could not get enough of the gentle giants. 

When I was older I bought a yearling Quarter/Paint and named her Autumn Skyy. She was the first horse I raised, trained and broke myself and she was fantastic! When she was 4 I had to sell her due to my multiple knee surgeries and couldn't ride or visit her like I used to. She went to a wonderful home, but I vowed someday I would have horses again.

I am hoping that one of my girls will find the love and joy of being around horses. I am hoping they will see the simple elegance, hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground, feel the softness of their muzzle and fall in love. Then I will pass down my saddle, tack and boots and watch joy on their face as they feel like their flying on the back on a Pegasus.


Unknown said...


Veronica Lee said...


Happy Tuesday, Steph!

Carma Sez said...

Horseback riding is so much fun; if it wasn't 100 degrees I'd sign us up for another trail ride. I have a feeling your girls will want to take lessons soon - I have a friend with girls about the same age as your's and they are both taking lessons and loving it. too bad your knees crapped out or I'd bet you'd still be riding.


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