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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look What I Won From The Silly Pearl!!

I was the lucky winner of this clock pillow from Steph at The Silly Pearl. The giveaway was held during the Sew Mama Sew May Day Giveaway. Speaking of, I had such a blast going through the list of awesome blogs. I found so many new (to me) blogs to follow, chatted with some awesome ladies, picked up some pretty awesome followers of my own *waving hello* and yep, even won a little somethin' somethin'.

I was so excited when she contacted me because this win came at the perfect time. Along with spelling, reading and math, my goal for this summer brake is to also teach the girls (especially C) how to tell time. This giveaway was all mine, no one stood a chance...lol

C plays with it before running errands.

M plays with it before bed time.

Not only is the pillow functional and fun but the fabrics she choose for it are so cute! I mean really how could you not love this.

The girls just love it and of course fight over it. I am hoping maybe Steph will open an Etsy shop *hint hint* for these pillows so I can buy one for M. The construction is wonderful and the numbers are very secure. Now if you sew you will love this. You can make the pillow yourself! Steph has a tutorial posted on her blog (click here) and her adorable twin daughters give her a helping hand.

If nothing else you have to stop by The Silly Pearl and browse all the crafty projects she posts. I now have a long list of things from her blog I want to make. Finally a month after the cross country move, unpacking, and feeling overwhelmed I am inspired to be crafty again and I think I will work on setting up my sewing room today..hooray!


Everyday Mama said...

Oh, I LOVE this pillow!! What a great idea. I don't think I can make one (time, time, time) but I can probably buy one. It's the perfect preschool graduation gift!

Evelene S said...

Yes I think that pillow had you and your children's name written all over it; no wonder I didn't win:-)

Unknown said...

What a fun pillow the front is cool and useful and the back fabric is so cute!!!


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