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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter In L.A. {photography}

We spent last weekend in L.A. visiting with family and having an early Easter for the girls. While we were in L.A. I want to do the "tourist" sightseeing. With how many time I have been to L.A. I have never actual been around the town. So with my uncle as our guide the girls and I went out for the day. 

First we went to the Hollywood hills...

...then to Graumans Chinese Theater

...Madame Tuessaudes

...Hollywood First National Building

For lunch we hit a famous Hollywood spot and a place I have passed many times but never stopped....

Pinks! See the girls standing to the left under the sign :)

I had the "Emeril Lagasse". A 9" dog with mustard, cheese, bacon and coleslaw. There were so many amazing ones to choose from, it was a tough decision for sure! My dog rocked!

Later we hit The Grove. What an amazing place. It's like it's own little city and it's gorgeous. I wish I had a whole day just to hang out and snap pictures...and The Original Farmers Market area was full of old world history, charm and amazing food. We were on our way to see the movie Rio at The Grove when look what we found right outside the theater....Mario Lopez filming Extra Coast To Coast.

The movie was super cute and the girls really loved it. Well C really loved it, M curled up in my lap half way through and fell asleep. Granted I couldn't blame her since we left San Diego that day at 0500 to miss the LA morning traffic. 

We then headed back to the uncle's house to relax and await hubby. Poor hubby had to drive in the afternoon traffic but he still made it before dinner. while we waited the girls played with their "cousin" Jackson. Isn't he a doll. So cute and fluffy and with two parents whom work in Hollywood I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in print and TV ads soon. After all he already has his own blog and tweets!

Girls with cousin Jackson

C being silly

Saturday was "Easter" for the girls. Time to get dressed up, hunt for eggs and have a fabulous dinner. The uncle's spent the day cooking while the girls had fun playing and running all over the house. The girls Great Grams came up from La Jolla to share this special Easter with us. It was wonderful having everyone together for one last Easter before the move to the East Coast.

Tired from the big hunt!

The girls even wore out poor Jackson, he had to hide and stay cool under the curtains.

What about Easter dinner you may be wondering...and I know you are. It was delicious! Besides the beauty that is their entire home I love visiting the uncles because the food is always amazing. Five star restaurant quality.  

 Beets boiling away....

Beautifully dyed eggs to go with the beets and fresh horseradish.

Herbed Roaster Pork Loin with Gravy

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

In addition we had seasoned roasted cauliflower, a salad of dandelion greens with grape tomatoes and vinaigrette and fresh rolls from La Brea Bakery. It was a feast and although I am afraid to get on the scale, I am sure I gained back the five pounds I had just lost a few days before...lol


Veronica Lee said...

The girls look so pretty in their Easter dresses!
Mmmmmm!!! Love the lipsmacking food pics.

Happy Tuesday, my fave bloggy pally!

Heather S-G said...

That looks like a blast...I have always wanted to eat at Pink's! The eggs turned out gorgeous...and your girls are just adorable =) ...oh, and thanks for that yummy shot of Mario, too.

House Of Aqua said...

I don't know where to begin! The photography is great and you really got to enjoy everything during your weekend! Love the dyed Easter eggs.

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

That looked like it was fun!

Jaime Leigh said...

I so want to go to PINKS!!! YUM!

Happy Little Bento said...

What fun!! Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

Kids Dream Work said...

Did you made the girls' Easter dress? They look so lovely!!

Carma Sez said...

Awesome - the Uncles treat you guys like royalty with all those good eats and Jackson is adorable :-)

Nice to see you had a great Easter. So much to see out by you. I bet you're gonna miss it - I miss it for you and I've never even been there ;-)

Nataly said...

Lovely Blog! I am your newest follower and I also in San Diego :) I still need to do that just spend sometime in LA. I found you on a blog hop. I was hoping you can follow me and join my hop to show your lovely images.


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