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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick Day MTM and Bento

Thursday Muffin Tin Meal Lunch

C's Bento Lunch Friday

 M's Bento Lunch Friday

I have had a house full of sick kids since last weekend. Last Saturday M spiked a fever and was down for 48 hours. C was fine. Then C started spiking fevers Weds night and still is and M has some nasty chest congestion. Just love when they spread it around the house...lol However even with being sick they have had moments of clarity and feeling better, oddly around lunch time so they have made requests for lunch.

Yesterday we did Muffin Tin Meals. C reminded me that it has been a while since we have done Muffin Tin Monday so we had fun with it. Today they asked for bento's and as long as it made them feel better even for a minute I was game. As of tonight they are still yucky but hope we can resolve it soon because Sunday is the Super Bowl baby!!! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for us all...lol


OhayoBento said...

Hope everybody feels better in time for the game! Lovely bentos!!

Veronica Lee said...

The butterly and bear are wayyy tooo cute!! Love them, Steph!


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