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Monday, February 21, 2011

Downtown San Diego {photography}

Convention Center downtown San Diego

Busy in the Gaslamp Quarter

Trojan Horse inside The New Childrens Museum

View from inside the museum

View from the 40th floor of the Hyatt downtown.

Hi everyone! Sorry for being absent the past week but expect this is not be a isolated incident. The next month and half is going to be very busy. We officially have our orders and will be leaving SoCal and moving  across the country to our next duty station. I am actually excited, i'm ready for a change but will be very sad to once again leave my family and all the wonderful friends we have here. Such is the life of the military family. However since we are leaving soon the girls and I have been going out daily and visiting parts of San Diego we have never been. I want to make sure we see and photograph everything so we will always have the memories. One of our latest adventures was to hang out downtown.

I can not tell you how many times I have driven by the Convention Center but never stopped and went inside. So we did and the architecture was gorgeous. We also walked around the Gaslamp Quarter and headed over to The New Childrens Museum. It was a great day full of fun and exploration and we had a blast. Hope you enjoy my shots from the day.


Amanda said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the blog love! I have a great blog 365 community in addition to 365project. Feel free to link up at ClickItUpANotch!

House Of Aqua said...

That's great that you are all getting out and seeing San Diego. We moved away from San Diego at one time for good (but came back) and I remember thinking about everything we took for granted. I think I am slipping back into that, but I am trying to get out and see and do more things around San Diego. I like to watch the cruise ships leave the harbor in the evenings and I like to watch the airplanes land and take off from the airport. There are some spots where you can get really close and the plane flies right over you.

Carma Sez said...

I hope your move goes smoothly. I bet you will miss that area of the country - but now you've got the east coast to explore once again!

Anonymous said...

The last one, and the first one, and the Horse - WOW! amazing. Love the composition in the first one, and lovely vivid colors in the last one and the horse... :-)


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