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Monday, January 8, 2007

8 More Days To "How Sweet It Is" Social Hop!!


to be loved  followed and LIKE'd by you...

Only 8 more days until the fabulous social hop that I am co hosting with Gina from the Mrs. called How Sweet It Is!! Only 8 more days to exploring new blogs, making new social contacts and gaining new followers for yourself! And of course do not forget about the chance to win $1000 in cash at the end of all this fun!

How it's going to work...

From January 14, 2011 - February 13, 2011, you will be encouraged to Blog, Twitter and Facebook Party Hop from the Main Link list at the Mrs.- FOLLOWing and LIKEing the accounts as you go! For EACH follow/like you will have earned a chance to win $1,000 cash paid to the Winner via PayPal on February 14, 2011!

How Do I Get My Blog, Twitter and or Facebook Page On The Party List So I Can Gain New Followers?

There are several easy ways to become a Participant and gain new followers!
Add your BLOG to the LINK LIST for just $10
Add your TWITTER account to the LINK LIST for just $10
Add your FACEBOOK page to the LINK LIST for just $10
Add your ETSY SHOP to the LINK LIST for just $10
Add BOTH your BLOG and your TWITTER account for just $14
Add THREE of your accounts to the LINK LIST for just $20
Add  FOUR of your accounts to the LINK LIST for just $24

Simply send your Participant Fee to GinaParker4PR@gmail.com via PAYPAL and include the Name and URL of whatever site(s) you would like added to the list in "notes to seller".  Sites will be added to the Main Link list on a first come, first listed basis - so if you'd like a top spot - don't delay!!  

*GinaParker4PR@gmail.com is a registered account of PARKER PR ONLINE; therefore, all participation fees are tax deductible under advertising so save your receipt!!

Your duty as a Participant: You will be responsible for verifying your Followers. If you see an entry that is not a Valid Follower of your site(s), notify Gina atGinaParker4PR@gmail.com and that entry will be removed. 

*** Becoming a Participant does not disqualify you from entering to win the prize. Why not have the best of both worlds. Get tons of new followers to your site and have a chance to win $1000 for as little as $10. Sounds like a steal to me! ***


The Pilot's Wife said...

Looking forward to this Social Media Hop!!! Just paid for all 3 of my sites!!! And happy to be following your blog now too!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife
Follow My Blog at: The Pilot's Wife Blog
Follow me on: Twitter
Like me on: Facebook

The Pilot's Wife said...

Ohhh, Just followed you back on twitter too! I saw you are from San Diego! My Husband and I grew up out there! Penasquitos! We still go out every summer. Anyway, Just signed my Business accounts up for the hop too!!! Keeping it Social


Crafty Mom said...

this is awesome Steph... I will sign up tomorrow This is awesome.... Looking forward to some new followers.


Carma Sez said...

interesting concept - I need to go back and reread it so I can figure out how it works exactly! I'm a little slow this time of day ;-)

Unknown said...

Where do we find the followers list? Is it posted anyplace yet?

jakellcth@msn. com


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