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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowman Pancakes

Today is day 2 of the girls vacation. Only 3 3/4 more weeks to go, gotta love the year round school system...lol Today I promised to make the girls pancakes. My sous chef C was by my side helping me flip the pancakes and M was laying out the bacon strips on a plate. Team work rocks! After the pancakes were made C asked if I could make my "smiley face" pancakes, I told her I would do one better and to have a seat. Remembering what I did for my Gobble Gobble Turkey Waffles I decide snowmen where perfect for todays pancakes breakfast. Needles to say the girls were over the moon and have already requested I change the menu for Christmas morning to include these pancakes.

We have blueberry pancakes with mini choco chip eyes and smile, butterscotch chip nose, bacon scarf, PB&choco chip buttons and to top (pun intended) it off a whip cream top hat!


***Sharon*** said...

WEEKS?!? Notice that I noticed the most important subject in this blog post...and that's being at home with two little girls for WEEKS! ;)

Love the snowman idea. May have to do that for Christmas morning! :)

Traves said...

Snowman and bacon, my two favorite animals.

Anonymous said...

I actually love the idea of year round - the last few weeks of summer are such a waste - the girls are bored and just itching to get back, lol.

I have made snowmen pancakes, but never thought to use bacon (which they love!) as scarves... I will be this year. :)

Jae said...

So cute. I'll have to try this before the kid's head back to school. They'll love it!

Crystal said...

This is TOO cute! I loved it so much, that I bookmarked it, added it to my to-do list, and then blogged about it! =) I'm fairly new to the blogging world so I'm not sure of the etiquette required when giving credit where credit is due-I figured it would be safe to say, that I should link back to you! =)
Married to The Airforce


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