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Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbyn Lunchbox is Pretty Cool!

Thanks to Shannon at What's For Lunch I got an awesome deal on Goodbyn Lunchboxes, so of course I had to buy two. I have seen these around the blogs and thought it was pretty awesome and could not wait to get my hands on one. Mine came in the mail the other day and today C decided she wanted to try it out. Since we were running late we went with a very simple, no frills lunch.

PB&J pocket sami, frozen grapes, cherry tomatoes (I put some frozen grapes under the tomatoes to help keep them cold), apple slices, strawberry lemonade in the juice container (I froze the juice container so it will be melted yet still cold by lunch time), veggie sticks and gingerbread men cookies.

C decorated the lid of the lunchbox with the stickers that came with it. She has a whole story behind each section of stickers, it's hilarious how their mind works sometimes. The middle has her name and room number although I am pretty sure none of her classmates have this lunchbox so doubt there will be any confusion...lol

I really like the idea of everything all in one, no extra bags or containers to misplace. However I would be leary of putting anything that needs to stay cold in it because it is not insulated. All in all we think it is pretty cool and would also be perfect for our long road trips since it has deep wells to pack lots of snacks and is all in one.


Shannon said...

Love it!

I was thinking the same thing about road trips. We're heading to Canada soon and I was thinking of a whole day worth of snacks and stuff would fit.

Missy said...

We just got ours this week from Shannon's link too. I packed my 3 year old's lunch in it, but changed to a smaller box because the Goodbyn is huge! All the food I had packed in the Goodbyn fit in our 2 tier Mickey Mouse box. :) I did pack myself a lunch in it yesterday and it held plenty for me plus some extra for the boys. Road tripping with the Goodbyn is a stellar idea! I'll file that in my brain for the next time we travel!

SgtsWifey said...

I sent my 5 yr old with it today for the first time too- I am curious to see how she did with opening and closing it- it seems a little tricky to me to get it all closed completly.

Kelly Polizzi said...

Very nice. I saw that deal also and bought three! Pink, blue and a weird shade of blue.

Carma Sez said...

that is great and super - organized. Not sure that I could convince my teenager to use one though ;-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have coveted this box for awhile. It looks great!


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