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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop 3 Biggest Stars: DS Game Review

What little girl doesn't know what Littlest Pet Shop or rather "LPS" is? C's addiction first started when she received one as a birthday gift. Soon after McDonalds had LPS Happy Meals and she of course had to have them all. From there she has been building her collection.

For this reason I knew C would be over the moon when I presented her with a box the mailman had left. I had been contacted a few weeks prior and asked if I would like to review the newest LPS game for the Nintendo DS, Littlest Pet Shop 3 Biggest Stars. Needless to say the squealing that proceeded opening of the box made me feel like mother of the year...lol

After everyone was calm both girls and I sat down on the couch to play the game. First off it is just too cute. All the little animals and how they "speak" to each other is funny. Right away I noticed this game might not be suited for a 5 year old whom is just learning to read. However mama can read so I got to be the narrator and with that we proceeded to have a blast. Naming our different LPS, seeing what their talents were and practicing. You can also collecting flowers and fruits to make colors for clothing and accessories. After all, you can not expect to be chosen for the Team without looking sharp as well....lol

"The LITTLEST PET SHOP 3 Biggest Stars releases include three separately sold games for the DS, each with its own customizable pets, colors and team accessories that girls can collect and use to showcase their pets’ unique personalities. Budding sports stars, artsy tweens and young fashionistas alike can show their team spirit with the three new games: LITTLEST PET SHOP 3 Biggest Stars Blue Team, LITTLEST PET SHOP 3 Biggest Stars Purple Team, and LITTLEST PET SHOP 3 Biggest Stars Pink Team. Each version will offer six in-game exclusive pets and team-themed accessories, allowing girls to do what they love most when it comes to LITTLEST PET SHOP – collect, customize and socialize. Each title also features ten novel mini-games such as “Top Flight” and “Skate Star” and five fun areas to explore like Biggest Stars Village and Midtown.

As players dance, design and skate through an exciting assortment of mini games and challenges, they will see their pets’ personalities come to life in an array of colorful animations. Simultaneously, their pets’ skills will improve as they develop a competitive edge on the way to becoming a big star. Upon completing key training tasks, players will pack up their pets, select dazzling team uniforms, and gather all the accessories needed to enter and compete in the big and final event, where they will face three tough in-game pet judges who will evaluate performances based on talent, pep and cuteness in hopes of grabbing the coveted “Biggest Star” crown."

The girls and I continue to have tons of fun playing this game. Yes even I have my own profile and have found myself "shushing" them. What? Mama needs to concentrate too, I do not like to lose...lol Along with the fun game there are extras like coloring pages which is where M usually heads first. This game is defiantly fun for all ages and I would recommend putting it on Santa's List this year ;)

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a Rep working with EA Games. I was given the above mentioned game free of charge to keep and review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.


***Sharon*** said...

HEYYYYYY! I think that birthday gift was from US! :)

BTW - K used to play with them all the time....now M is totally into them! Definitely getting my money's worth!

Veronica Lee said...

Fantastic review as always!!


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