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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ballerina Bento

Ballerina a top a PB&J sami, hummus, carrots and veggie sticks. In the smaller compartments of my Esy Lunch Boxes container are 2 mini rabbit apples and an Aussie Bite.

Ballerina is made from bologna, cheddar cheese and provolone. Black and orange sprinkles or eyes and detail and nori for mouth.

I finally had a second to where I could make the adorable ballerina from Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook by the ever so creative Susan Yuen.  I have admired Susan's creativity for so long and knew this would be a lunch M would love, and she did! I got a "you make the best lunches ever" speech followed by a big hug. That is my best part of making lunches for my girls....the hug.

I did not have the exact same cutters as Susan used in her book, but I made due with what I had and I think it worked out great!


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