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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Sunday Fun!

Photo courtesy My Sweet Creations

A girlfriend of mine here in San Diego has a fabulous blog called  My Sweet Creations. There she posts the most amazingly yummy sweet treats that she makes at home along with pictures to droll over and the recipes to try yourself. I have been lucky enough in the past to try her awesome baking and she is good! Today she started a weekly blog hop called Sweet Sunday. If you like food blogs and you like to bake, stop by and link up!!!!


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing this! Assuming the pumpkin cake-bars meet my approval, I'll add them!

House Of Aqua said...

They sure do Shannon. Anything dessert, drinks, cupcakes, cake, candy, bread and so on count! Thank you so much to Steph for getting the word out for me. I am still learning my way around Blogspot and hopefully I will have a button in the near future too. (((hugs))) Kelly (MySweetCreations)

Lydia said...

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