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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lamb Burgers with Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Okay second time we have tried lamb in our house and everyone (meaning hubby especially) liked it. Granted him and the girls had their burgers plain, but I very much enjoyed the garlic,mint,yogurt sauce. This recipe comes from Rachael Ray on the Food Network, Lamb Burger with Garlic Yogurt Sauce and Pita. As you see by my pictures we did not have pitas. Instead M and I found these awesome looking wraps called Mountain Bread Oat

These wraps are unlike any I have seen because they are paper thin...literally. It's so thin you could probably put it in your printer and print on it, and yet the flavor is amazing. Unfortunately for me I forgot to pick up red onions, I know it would have given that extra little flavor burst but all in all the burger itself was very flavorful and it is a delish recipe to try. 


Veronica Lee said...

Looks delish. I'm not a big fan of lamb but Hubby will totally love this.

Have a nice day, sweet lady!

Debra said...

You are soooo cooking this for me next month....


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