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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's My Birthday...Almost!

Okay so my birthday might actually not be until next week, but in my house I get to have a birthday month. Isn't that more fun than just one day? For the past week or so I have been showered with awesome prizes from my awesome family..and I am so excited!

I have been dying to buy Susan's books since I first started following her blog and my BFF Sharon from Mama's A Mess knows me all to well. She sent me along with some other awesome bento stuff these TWO books for my b-day. Wahoo!

My uncle sent me the two book set of Julia Child's Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. I am so excited by this. Who doesn't know who Julia Child was. Her amazing sense of humor and what she did for woman at home and in the cooking industry as well as one of the first TV cooking stars. Her kitchen is at the Smithsonian for pete's sake. I already have my first recipes picked out that I will be making this weekend. Stay tuned!


mr. pineapple man said...

happy pre-birthday!

***Sharon*** said...

Happy early birthday! And you are SO welcome! Anything to help my BFF get in touch with her inner-Japanese. LOL!!!

Lia Chen said...

Next week? I have to say happy early birthday first ... hope I don't miss it next week. Awesome bento stuffs there! All cute ... my eyes wide opened whenever I saw bento stuffs LOL :D

Xelia said...

Oh my you are the luckiest gal!!! Am sure you are having a Happy Happy Birthday month!! Happy Birthday and can't wait to see more bentos from you!

Kids Dream Work said...

Happy early birthday Steph, you sure got lots of bento goodies as birthday gift! :D


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