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Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Bento #9

C's Lunch

Skull n Bones sami, veggie straws,
grapes, tomatoes,
mini cupcakes and more grapes.

For C's lunch today we are using our new Tupperware. It's called the Crystal Wave Lunch'n Dish with Cold Cup. I bought this when I ordered the Cinderella sami keepers. I love it because one of the compartments has a cup that pulls out so if I have cold stuff in that cup I can remove it before I reheat the main meal. Smarts.  However for the girls we do not do hot and cold stuff (yet) but it still works great and packs a ton of food! 


SnoopyGirl said...

What a cool lunch! Love the skull and cross bones on the bread!

Kids Dream Work said...

This is so cool! You have the Halloween touch on each of the food section! Love them!

Susan Yuen said...

Cool Halloween bento!!! I love the container too!

Veronica Lee said...

TOTALLY cool! The skull n bones sami rocks!

Happy Tuesday, sweet lady!

Lia Chen said...

So many Halloween elements in this bento. So cool!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Americans out do themselves with the amazing effort put into Halloween - it's awesome! Us Aussies love to watch :)

tata | bonitafood said...

Cool Halloween sami! My mom was gonna buy me that type of Tupperware too for me, but I chose for another type :D


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