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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CSN Review

If you do not know about CSN Stores where have you been? It's only the one stop shop for anything and everything your little heart could desire. With over 200 stores ( that's over 1 million products) at your finger tips shopping online could not be more easy or carefree. And if it couldn't get any better CSN Stores has launched a new store called LuxebyCSN.comLuxebyCSN.com provides you all the premium shoes, handbags, wallets and more all by the most fabulous designers. This is not just for us ladies but they also have the best in mens shoes too.

I have to say my favorite store from CSN is still Cookware.com. Today I was lucky enough to review from this store again..wahoo! So what to choose, what to choose. With so many options it took me awhile, then finally I found it. Kinetic Go Green Glasslock. We slowly have been trying to change over from the plastic food storage containers to only glass. With all the news about BPA the past few years for me it made sense. However for hubby he just hates plastic anything..lol. So on our hunt for glass storage we have been disappointed. Either the price was so way out of our budget for just a couple pieces or the lids did not seal well.
After testing out the Kinetic products the past week I can say we have found just what we have been looking for. Airtight silicone seal, tempered glass, freezer to microwave safe and top rack dishwasher safe and of course environmentally friendly.

"Glasslock is unique and innovative. The tempered glass is stain resistant, durable and safe. It is airtight and watertight, keeps foods locked inside. Glasslock is microwave safe, non-toxic, and non reactive, ensuring nothing transfers into your food while reheating. You can take it from the freezer to microwave with no concerns."

We love the Kinetic Glasslock. It has kept our food fresher longer and I do not worry about reheating foods straight from the fridge which saves me dish washing time too. Before I would pull out the container, transfer the food to a glass dish and then reheat. For just one container I would make 3 times the dishes for myself. Now I just take out the Glasslock, pop the lid off and go straight into the micro...so easy!

*Disclaimer - I was contacted by a rep of CSNStores.com to review the above mentioned products. I was given the products free of charge. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.


House Of Aqua said...

I have also been looking for some glass storage containers. Thanks for giving us your review on them.


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