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***NOTICE: Please bare with me while I reload ALL the images that was deleted in a Blogger/Google+ fiasco. All images from the past 3 years have been deleted and it will take me awhile to reload everything and get my blog back to it's original state. Thank you for your patience! ***

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Fun With My Light Tent

Okay so I couldn't help myself. I have been searching my house trying to find whatever I can get my hands on and what I think might make an interesting picture and snapping away in my new handy dandy light tent. Here are a few I thought were cool. I have to say I am quite amazed at the difference the box makes and am so excited so many of you will be trying it along with me! Can't wait to see everyone's boxes and photo's!

This was actually C's idea. While I was on the computer she put this in the box and said "mommy take a picture of this"...and I did..lol

For this shot I used the HI key setting on my camera. I hadn't used it before and wanted to see what the difference was...I like it.

Again I used the HI key setting

HI key setting..I like what it did to the colors

These mini pomegranates are from my tree. And when I say mini I mean really...the biggest one in the picture (left rear)  is only as big as a golf ball.


Veronica Lee said...

Awesome shots, Steph! Love them.

Have a blessed weekend!

***Sharon*** said...

Very cool! And again...thanks for the inspiration. I've had my Canon for how long now....and haven't really played with all the functions!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

this was so fun to see! love the HI setting with the poms. so pretty! try automatic without the flash...I want to see what that looks like. LOL.


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