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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bentos For All

Last night while preparing to make C's lunch for school today she had two suggestions for me. She told me #1 what she wanted to eat and #2 to "keep it simple". Keep it simple? What 5 year old says that...lol What she meant was no decorative "salad"..lol  So that is just what she got...simple. PB&J sami's in a tulip, heart and bird shape, mini tomatoes, carrot flowers, heart watermelon, flower cantaloupe and cubed pineapple. Simple :)

M on the other hand does not care yet about the "salad" so today she got dino shaped chicken, seedless table grapes, watermelon and carrots.

And as important as it is to always watch the health and nutrition of our kids we must do the same for ourselves so packed in my Easy Lunch Boxes container today is cranberry pecan chicken salad on Orowheat Thins with green leaf lettuce. In the two rear compartments are watermelon and Wheat Thins.


***Sharon*** said...

Love the "Rockin" picture of "C!"

Send me your pecan chicken salad recipe. Sounds YUMMY!!!! BTW - those grapes look so good! I can't find them anywhere! They are itty-bitty, right?

Veronica Lee said...

C looks so happy! What an adorable little girl! Those dino chicken pieces rock!

Carma Sez said...

HA! that is a great pic - and so true about us moms eating healthier too. Need to get back on that bandwagon.


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