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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy Bento #13

It's been awhile since mommy had a bento for lunch so today was the perfect day. As always my bento is packed into my Easy Lunchboxes containers.  This weekend we took the girls to SeaPort Village and while we were there stopped at a cafe for lunch. I got the chicken caesar wrap which for 10 bucks was awful! I didn't know it but they put down a layer of rice..which you would think would have been yummy, but oh no, the rice was severely undercooked and crunchy and there was no flavor or seasoning, not even salt and pepper in this wrap..it was a mess. Hubbz also for 10 bucks got a BLT. Now again I thought for that amount of money it would have thick slices of tomatoes and maybe a special bacon like black pepper or maple bacon or something...wrong again Steph, C could have whipped up a better sandwich than what he had. Oh well like I told hubbz, we tried it, it sucked and we move on...you live and learn.

Today I decided to make my own BLT and it was delish! Thick slices of ripe tomatoes, crispy bacon and cool crisp lettuce all layered inside a soft, fresh from the bakery croissant. Now this I would have spent 10 bucks for easy. Paired with some sliced English cucumbers with champaign dressing and ice cold grapes, this was the best lunch I have had in awhile.


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