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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy Bento #10

Today was a busy day. Morning playdate across town and then errands into the mid afternoon, so when we got home I was starving! I wanted something yummy of course but also easy to make so I could sit in front of the computer and catch up on work. This is what I came up with all packed in my handy dandy Easy Lunch Boxes container.

Spinach with mini heirloom tomatoes, chicken strips, Gorgonzola and the most fabulous cranberry, walnut and Gorgonzola dressing from Trader Joe's. A pepperoni and provolone Stromboli from Stouffer's and 2 mini fudge brownies from Pillsbury. The other day I stumbled on this wonderful new product called Sweet Moments from Pillsbury. OOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG! They are the most decadent, delicious, amazing little brownies I have ever tasted.

They are so rich I literally can only eat 2-3 at a sitting (probably a good thing for me). These little 1 x 1 squares are pure orgasmic heaven..no joke! I am so glad I found them and they will always be a staple in my fridge like ice cream is in my freezer...lol

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed about Pillsbury Sweet Moments are mine and mine alone. I was not contacted in any way by Pillsbury to write a review nor was I compensated with product or money.


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