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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach Buddy Bento

First can I say how much I hate my piece of crap camera and can not wait to get my Nikon next week. *fingers and toes crossed* With that being said, here is today's lunches packed into our perfectly portable Easy Lunch Boxes.

A sea of rice with carrot fishies. I used a paint brush to dab food coloring onto my rice. I used different depths of color to create movement and texture and it actually looked wicked awesome...but then I covered it with the fishies so it's kinda hard to tell and my camera sucks so..oh well. Then we have a duo of jumping dolphin chicken  "nuggets". A Clementine with the stem nub used as the fish eye. Whale shaped cheddar crackers are in the above compartment and an apple is next to those. Little tip: make your apple the last cut if you have no lemon...I didn't and it browned very quickly.

M has a girly octopus quasadilla. Egg and nori for the eyes, radish skin for the mouth and nail tentacle polish. A sweet carrot bow finishes her off.
C wanted a crab or a Care Bear. Since we are doing a sea life bento we decide to mix the two...lol Speaking of,  Shannon at Whats For Lunch made an adorable Care Bear the other day so we inspired me for the 'Care Crab'..lol Silly I know but C loved it. I used egg for the eyes and tummy plate, radish skin for the star and nori for the eyes. For some reason he looked like he should be cross eyed.. so he was ;)

This is my submission for What's For Lunch Weds Week 11 at What's For Lunch!


Katie 🌹 said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic, i am inspired! x

Kelly Polizzi said...

k, these are just plain awesome. You did such a great job. I loooove the octopus especially. I have a tip for you too though. If out of lemon, use salt water. That's what I dip my apples in all the time and it works just as good! No more buying lemons just for apples lol

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Wow! I'm amazed by all of your lunches. I could never do it.

Laura said...

What a cute theme! I love the octopus's bow, and the rice looks great.

Also, in response to the apple dilemma, I've heard that apple juice works the same way as lemon juice, if you've got any of that on hand. Haven't tried it myself though!

Veronica Lee said...

Ooooo! This has got to be your best but that was what I said last time!!

Love the octopus, the crab and every single item inside the boxes.

Sonoma Bento said...

These turned out sooo great! I love those chicken nuggets too. :)

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you added this one. I seriously love the "CareCrab". In my head, he's kind of like Grumpy Bear. :o) F also loved the octopus with nail polish!

Thanks for linking up. :o)

Susan Yuen said...

So cute!!! Love the beach themed bentos! :)


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