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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommy Bento #6

This morning I woke to the sound of the garbage trucks on the next street over. In my shorts and tank I jump out of bed and run outside to get my bins out before they hit my street. As I throw open the door and jet outside I suddenly realize not only is it chilly (which has been normal the last few days), but it is raining! No shoes, hair a mess in a tank and shorts I am cold and wet. Screw it, I get my bins out and dart back inside before my neighbors could see me.

Very weird weather we are having here in (not so) "Sunny San Diego". Mind you my favorite time of year at the beach is when it is cold and overcast so for me I have been in heaven with this extended "June Gloom", but not sure the rest of San Diego would agree with me..lol

So the weather today inspired my breakfast. I do not know why but I love omelets on a cold day. It would be made more perfect if I was sitting beach side but beggars can't be choosers. So I decided to do my Mommy Bento for breakfast!

In the box is an omelet with a sauté of spinach, red onions and red bell peppers. It is finished with melted Gorgonzola. Also in the box is country sausage links, strawberries, melon and grape cabob and a happy sweet snacking bell pepper.

I very rarely have time for breakfast, usually it consists just of coffee, but today I thought I would treat myself and get the day started off right.


Birdy's Boutique said...

I love your reading your bento posts!! I need you to come to my house and cook!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great mommy bento! :) We always forget to roll out the trash bins and only remember when we hear the truck coming down the street! Hope the weather gets better. :)

***Sharon*** said...

I love me a good omelet! :)

Montessori For Learning said...

That looks delicious!

Veronica Lee said...

An omelette sounds good. Love the face on the bell pepper.

Happy Thursday, Steph!


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