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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Of July Bento 2010

As many of you, we had such a busy day yesterday. We took the girls to the San Diego County Fair, it was their first fair. We got there bright and early and though we planned to leave after lunch we ended up staying for much, much longer. The girls got to see their first pig race and demolition derby! We went on rides and ate wonderfully tasty fair food and soft serve. We saw many weird and interesting things (that post to follow soon) but after arriving home there wasn't much time before the fireworks so I whipped up this quick bento. The theme was red,white and blue. I wanted to do a flag and stuff like that but had already done that for my Military themed Muffin Tin Monday post.

I was however very excited about the Broken Glass Jello I made. I found the link from Kristin of The Crafty Homemaker. The original recipe is from The Food Librarian. It was super easy to make and so cool looking...."and tasty too, just like candy" (as Lucy would say..remember that episode, the VitaMeataVeggimen...lol one of my fav's)

Anyways, we have a star PB&J sami, blueberries, watermelon stars, babybell cheese and Jello. This was M's box, C had the addition of cherry tomatoes to her box. The girls ate it up just in time to sit on our front lawn and watch the fireworks, it was a perfect day.


tinyskillet said...

I love that jello! How cool is that! Very festive bento for the 4th!

Sonoma Bento said...

I saw that recipe for broken glass jello too! But since all I have on hand right now is green jello, I thought it wouldn't look very patriotic, lol.

Carma Sez said...

never heard of broken glass jello until today -- I gotta check that out :-) Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

The Food Librarian said...

The broken glass jello looks fantastic! Glad you liked it.


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