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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Snake, Little Snake Bento

"It's time for sleep, little snake, little snake,
Good gracious me, your still awake!"

(Quote from Time For Bed by Mem Fox)

C's Box

M's Box

Today we did a cheese & turkey snake with a fruit roll up tongue and nori accents. He is slithering over pickle spear "logs" with cherry tomatoes and carrot flowers. C's fruit box has star melon and M's has mini hearts. Both girls have grapes, checkered apples and a chocolate covered strawberry for dessert.

I planned on making the snakes out of rice. I had just made a fresh batch when at the last minute C informed me that she wanted a sandwich today..okay then. As usual the girls loved it and at it all up. I forgot yesterday to post the new additions to M's lunch box. Yesterday after coffee Muffin Tin Mom and I went shopping at Marukai..wahoo! Along with some other stuff I bought M a couple accompanying boxes to go along with her original box..they are so adorable.

The 3 square boxes are new from yesterday. Love them!


Single Mom ISO said...

So cute! You know , you have inspiried me to try doing Bento lunches for my kids. How did you do the checkerboard apples?

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

YAY can not wait to see your creations! I used a small sharp knife and first scored the apple with horizontal and vertical lines then carefully cut out the squares I wanted gone. This is my second attempt, but it's getting better..lol

Veronica Lee said...

The snake is super cute, Stephanie!!

Happy Wednesday.

BentoBoxUK said...

Cute snake, Ace! :o)

Alie said...

My son was looking over my shoulder and saw the snake. He thinks it is very cool! I'm not usually so fancy with their lunches but I'm inspired to give it a try. :)

LitLass said...

Looks awesome! Where is Marukai? My parents live in Escondido--maybe I can tell them to buy me some stuff.

Shannon said...

Awwww, cute snake! Which, btw, is not something I would usually put together in the same sentence. ;o)

House Of Aqua said...

Even a checkered apple?!?! Wow, you get mom of the year award for your special lunches.

Together We Save said...

So cute!! Great idea!


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