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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bento Summer School Week 1 *Completed*

This has been Week 1 of Bento Summer School. The lesson plan for the week was about bite size bento foods. Along with a great tut on making adorable Toodstools and Snails, great muffin tin recipes, a video tut on how to pack a bento box and more. This was a great kick off to a 10 week course.

The assignment for the week was to adapt a favorite recipe to a muffin tin. Now besides muffins, cupcakes and Muffin Tin Monday, the only other thing I have ever made in muffin tins was mini meatloaf's. However that was mentioned in the BSS post so I didn't want to do that. I thought about something we make often and that the girls would eat. I quickly came up with spaghetti and sausage.

I bought this cute square mini muffin tin, used somen noodles, sauce and topped with mild Italian sausage and grated Parmesan. I "over cooked" my tin so that the edges could crisp up like when you make lasagna and that it would hold it's square shape. Surprisingly the noodles where still nice and soft and not over baked and dry. It was very tasty.


Jen said...

love it!
I'm seriously loving your boxes...too ashamed to post mine lol

Veronica Lee said...

I totally heart your bento boxes too.

Happy Saturday, Steph!

tata | bonitafood said...

This sooo beautiful! The "garden" looks so cheerful and colorful :D. Very great job Stephanie :D

Montessori For Learning said...

I love the muffin tin recipe. I do not have that cooking gene in my body and no matter how hard I try, most things come out "so-so." This looks like something I could do... and it turn out tasty.


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