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Monday, May 24, 2010

Under The Sea Bento

Spent the day at home since I decided to keep C home from school today because of her "viral thing" (per the doctor) over the weekend. She is doing much better but just as a precaution she is home. Let me tell you, she is making up for the past few days..the child is crazy okay..lol

Anyways I decided to do something fun for lunch today. C and I were talking about Nemo in the ER yesterday so I went with an Under The Sea themed lunch.

* Octopus on a bed of Coral
* "Nemo" cheese cutout with Nori accents
* "Reef Life" made from strawberries and cucumber cups with carrot sticks.

I tried my hand at using Nori for details. Wow is that hard! Pikko of Adventures in Bento Making makes it look..well not easy...but do able. I am happy with my first attempt at using it however. Like everything else it's just practice and patience I guess..lol


Jamie said...

Holy crap that is awesome!!! I love Nemo! Very creative. :)

a49erfangirl said...

Very creative!!

Unknown said...

Awesome!! I take great pride in my kids school lunches.. This tops the cake :)

Veronica Lee said...

This is SO creative. I love Nemo!!

Happy Tuesday, Stephanie!!

Steph said...

My H is learning about the ocean next month. I am "borrowing" these ideas for one of her lunches. Too cute!

Cassie said...

Wow that is so cool! I love the octopus! You did a great job.


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