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Monday, May 10, 2010

Muffin Min Monday with Muffin Tin Mom

I LOVE Muffin Tin Monday and of course so do my girls. However I have been so busy with the biz that I have slowed down on a lot of the weekly fun blogging things I participate in. I am trying to find my balance but ya know...

Anyways yesterday after dropping C off at school I headed to my girlfriends house for coffee and conversation. My girlfriend as some of you know is Michelle of Muffin Tin Mom..love her, she rocks! What was even better about my visit is she made Muffin Tin Monday for M. I think I was more excited than M was...lol.

The girls and I miss doing MTM so I have decided to do it on the weekends and have it ready to post Monday morning..duhhh Why did it take me so long to figure that out...lol Anways here's M eating her MTM made for her by Muffin tin Mom.

Ohhh! Almost forgot. I had a wonderful surprise when Michelle gifted to me some ADORABLE muffin tin cups she found. They come in 4 different colors in the packs and are so sweet. She came across this shop by my house and I am so excited to go shopping there on payday..lol Can't wait to use these for our next MTM.

Thanks again Michelle!!!



Be Brave, Keep Going said...

Had so much fun! SO great to see the photos. Hope you enjoy the cups from Daiso as much as I do!

***Sharon*** said...

I have GOT to hook you up with some of the Japanese muffin stuff we have here! You would love it! :)

UtahJenny said...

I love those liners ... I need a shop like that around here! Yummy lunch!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I make my Muffin Tin meals on Thursdays. Great tins!


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