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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Husband Annoyed But I Had Fun

Michelle of Muffin Tin Mom turned me onto this Japanese dollar store called Marukai Value Plus. It's just down the freeway from me so while I was out running my errands I stopped along the way. Wow what an awesome store! I got tons of stuff for Muffin Tin Mondays and some fun little things for the girls to play with. I could have bought a ton more, all their glass and stoneware was beautiful...and so cheap!

I saw these adorable little sticker cards at the checkout with little girls and accessories. My girls love playing with dress up stickers so I bought them each a pack. When I got home and opened the packs I noticed the card was actually a little scene for you to make. While the girls were not interested at all in the cards, I was all to eager to play with it.

So while I am at the kitchen table trying to cut out and tape these little things my husband is trying to talk to me about our budget this month. He's asking me questions and I'm giving him the "sure", "okay" and "ah ha" answers without really paying any mind to him. Needless to say he was not amused when I had finished and was so pleased with myself.

So this is how it comes, a card with things to actually cut out (do not recommend for the scissor challenged), and a card with the clothing/accessories and your little girl.

..and here they are all cut, folded and taped up....

It will be more fun when the girls are old enough to do it with me, but for now I had my fun and annoyed my hubby in the process...lol



Carma Sez said...

lovely - and hope the budgeting resumed after you were done :D


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