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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils Review & Giveaway *Adult Content*

This review is intended for adults 18 yrs and over. If you are easily offended by the subject of sex or descriptions of the female body I suggest you stop reading here.

Tired. On most days just the thought of one more person touching me makes me upset. With kids constantly hanging and tugging on you all day long, whining and wanting everything including the moon from you...most days it's just too much. When you finally get them to bed, the house is quiet and you collapse on the couch, is your first thought about sex?

I miss my sex life. Hubby and I had a amazing sex life before kids and foolishly I thought that having a family wouldn't put that wedge between us. It still is amazing don't get me wrong, it's just not as frequent as it used to be. I admit it's all me. I am so tired I do not have the "umph", the "get up and go" I used to. I actually have thought maybe it is hormonal and was thinking I might need to have some test ran.

I then came across a request for a review while on TwitterMoms. As one of their reviewers I contacted Semprae Laboratories about reviewing for their product Zestra Essential Arousal Oils. For whatever reason I did not think I would hear back from them so I was surprised when they replied back with a 'lets do a review'.  I then got a little nervous and had to rethink what I was doing.  Did I feel like talking about my sex life right now, would it even work and did I have the energy to try. I quickly realized I was thinking only about myself and not of my partner. My love who deserves to have a wife who will try whatever she can to put that spark about into their marriage and to be connected and close with him again...because I love him that much.

About Semprae:

"Semprae Laboratories, Inc. is a company founded by women and focused on women's sexuality. All women deserve sexual satisfaction, and we want to be a resource for women to explore, learn, and talk about their sexuality. We also provide solutions based on real science - including Zestra®, a safe, effective botanical oil clinically proven to increase women's feelings of desire and arousal.

What can Zestra Do For You?

"Topically applied Zestra enables women to feel deep pleasurable sensations effortlessly – the Zestra Rush. Zestra's patented blend of botanical oils and extracts is a scientific breakthrough in women's sexual satisfaction."

Zestra has been established — in two clinical trials — to increase a woman's feelings of desire and arousal. These clinical trials documented Zestra's effectiveness for a wide array of women…women perhaps just like you. Our clinical studies* included:

* Clinical studies of women both with and without these conditions found Zestra effective at enhancing sexual arousal, desire and satisfaction.

What is in Zestra?
Zestra's unique, patented blend of botanical oils and extracts create deep pleasurable sensations. The botanical ingredients in Zestra include PA-free Borage Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Angelica Extract, Coleus Forskholii Extract, Theobromine, and the Anti-Oxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Zestra's botanical ingredients work together to safely and effectively enhance female sexual pleasure, sensation, sensitivity and satisfaction.

 So what did I think?

Without going into uncomfortable detail for you or I..lol It was amazing. I would say in less than 2 minutes I felt a gentle warming sensation and some tingling. After about 5 minutes it was a more intense sensation. I appreciated that it was not an powering feeling. I was more sensitive to stimulation and my orgasms where more intense. (I tell you what, if I keep doing reviews like this you'll know everything there is to know about me..lol.) Overall for me it lasted about 30 minutes and I really enjoyed the experience. The only thing I can say negative about it is I did not care for the smell. To me it smelled like a lighter version of motor oil. Granted everyone's body chemistry is different so on someone else it may smell like roses, just not on me. Will this keep me from using it again..hell no...I am having fun with my Zestra ;)


Sempra is offering 3 winners a FREE 2 pack of Zestra to try for themselves. Holla! That's right, want to put a little zing back into your bedroom? Enter today!

How To Enter:

Mandatory Entry: Go to Zestra, look around and comment about something you learned about Zestra.
Please make sure if you do not have a valid email address on your blog or profile, add it to your comment so I can contact you easily. NOTE: If you skip the mandatory entry, none of your entries will count for the giveaway.

Open To US Residents Only

Giveaway closes May4th @ 11:59pm (PST) Winners will be picked May 5th by Random.org and notified by email, a post will follow. Winners have 72 hours to reply to my email otherwise a new winner will be picked

Disclaimer: I am a reviewer with TwitterMoms and in conjunction with them I was given the opportunity to review for Zestra. I received sample packets to try and write a review based on my experience. I received no monitory compensation for my participation. All opinions are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



***Sharon*** said...

Okay Steph....I'm going to need a cold shower now. ;)

What did I learn about Zestra? It's hormone-free! :)

My dear DH is going to wonder why he found "Zestra" in the history tool bar..... lol

Cleo said...

Whooooooo!! What a post!!!!! ;)

I was going to say what Sharon said above that I noticed: it's hormone free!

3 kids 6 and under....yeah...we could use a little help!

Carma Sez said...

I learned that it restores passion in the bedroom (according to Patty)


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