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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CoffeeForLess.com Review

The ultimate glee you feel when you wake and smell the amazing aroma wafting through your house...it's coffee and pipping hot! I love coffee. Hot cold, blending or on ice, it doesn't matter it's divine.. The day does not start without my cup of coffee and some days it ends with a cup as well. Gimme coffee and give it to me at a good price!

I approached CoffeeForLess.com on writing a review for them. I mean hello if there was any more perfect review for me this is it right? Coffee like wine has so many varieties. From the bold and robust to the mild and flavored. Personally I am a flavored coffee girl so I was so excited to be able to order a coffee I a) have never heard of and b) a flavor that jumped off the page and said "drink me". I was very happy to oblige.

New York Coffee Hot Fudge. That's right I said "hot fudge". Now while I live for coffee I am in no means an expert in the different roasts, flavors and what not. I have a better nose for wine and picking up those notes than I do coffee. With coffee for me it is much similar, I just know what I like. Not too strong or bitter and with a pleasant hint of flavor. New York Coffee's Hot Fudge filled all those requirements.

I always drink my coffee with creamer but for this review I wanted to taste everything so I tried it black. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the flavor is. This is why I normally do not drink black coffee. I always get a sharp bitter flavor from my coffee's. However the NYC was smooth, rich and had that wonderful hint of chocolate at the finish. This is why I love coffee and am now a huge fan of New York's Coffee.

CoffeeForLess.com has several yummy flavors of the New York Coffee brand. Available in whole bean or ground and 1 or 5 lb bags. My next flavors to try? How about some creamy Butter Scotch, spicy Cinnalicious, or decadent  Crème Brulee!

CoffeeForLess.com is not just coffee. Here you can also find  Teas, Creamers, Bottled Water, and much more. Have a business or work in an office? CoffeeForLess.com also caters to businesses by offering bulk items, industrial coffee machine, office supplies and more.

About CoffeeForLess.com

"CoffeeForLess.com is an Internet coffee shop for your home, office or restaurant.
For the past 25 years Coffee Serv Inc. of Philadelphia has established the reputation of being the preeminent office and restaurant coffee provider in the Greater Delaware Valley. Founded as a family business by Jack and Lynn Kirshner, Coffeeserv Inc. has grown to become the largest Office Coffee Service provider in Philadelphia." 

CoffeeForLess.com not only cares about making sure their clients are 100% satisfied but they also care about their community. Each year they donate thousands of dollars to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. "Jack and Lynn Kirshner the President and CEO have been active members of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for over 19 years. Jack is currently a State Leader for Pennsylvania."

Disclaimer: I contacted CoffeeForLess.com to write a review. I was provided with a coffee of my choosing. The opinions stated I my review are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



D said...

Mmmm Coffee! Sounds Delish

Thanks for stopping by :o)

Susan Cook said...

Hot Fudge Coffee! Sounds awesome.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great night ♥


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