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Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Handy Manny Party

The girls had a blast for the Handy Manny's Big Race premiere. If you saw my post on Saturday (click here) then you know we got to participate thanks to Mom Central and Playhouse Disney in having a little premiere party. Originally I had planned for this event to be a playdate with some of C's friends but right before finding out we had been accepted to hold the event I had made plans to visit my mom. Mom Central was so sweet to let me turn my original playdate idea into a family affair.

I was a little bummed b/c I missed the Twitter party..ugh. It was on EST and I am PST so I got all jacked up in my timing and jumped on Twitter just as they were ending..bummer but we still had our party!

Sow what did we do for Handy Manny's Big Race day?

The girls and I made "Race Lights" Cupcakes. They decorated each one with red, yellow or green sprinkles. Super yummy.

We also made  "Racing Wheels" Pizzas with English muffins, sauce, pepperoni and racing stripes (aka shredded cheese..lol)

My girls love the "Print & Color" pages you can get at Playhouse Disney so it was a perfect idea to print out some Handy Manny sheets for them to color while we watched the show.

We had a blast. The show was great..Handy Manny won the race. C thought it was a cool idea to have a themed party for her cartoons and now thinks every cartoon should have it's own event..yah do not see that happening, but we enjoyed ourselves tons. Thanks again to Mom Central and Playhouse Disney.



Debbie said...

My little guy loves Hanny Manny too!

I love your site, and I just awarded you two blog awards, check out my website...


Stacey - Elle Belle said...

It's fun to celebrate the every day stuff too! Cute ideas, love the cupcakes!


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