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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl : Best Commercials Play By Play Each Quarter

I am a football girl. Love to watch it, love the Superbowl, however it's always better when my team is playing but I digress. I also like millions of others can not wait to see what commercials will be shown. So this year for the hell of it I am going to post what I think was/is the best commercial of each Quarter. Instead of doing 4 different  posts, I will just update this one as it goes. Please feel free to tell me which ones you thought were great!! Go Saints!

So here is my favorite 1st Quarter Commercial: Why? Jerk Guy, Smart Dog..lol

2nd Quarter: Unless I missed something I did not see any commercial that struck me as my "fav". So instead here is my runner up for the 1st Quarter :)

So I suck. I am not paying attention to the commercials anymore and what quarter it is. Hubby has been in the field (thanks  military..on Super Bowl weekend too) and just returned home so I have been chatting it up with him about the weeks events. I still see the awesome plays the Saints are making tho! The interception  and ran back for a TD..perfect! and now it's 25 seconds left in the game and the Saints will take it...WHO DAT!

So here is a commercial I thought was great the last quarter....these cops are great!

I love Favre and I love that he can make fun of himself....



monica said...

What a cute idea! I think my favorite commerical was the Clysdales and the bull - it was in the 4th quarter - and they grew up and were still friends. Very cute! I liked some the Dorito commerical's also!

Angela Tolsma said...

I never watch commercials, so it's fun to see the ones people find funniest!! Happy FMM!

Just One Week said...

The problem with the Doritos commercials is that they made me SOOOO hungry!! I should have purchased them for the game, no Superbowl is complete without them, and I ended up craving them after all of the commercials!


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