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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Yummy Breakfast & A Kitchen Tip

So I decided to use what I had in my pantry and make a version of HG's McGriddle that I posted this morning. Now I do not know the calories (which I know defeats the purpose of the original recipe)..but all I know is that I was hungry from staring at the picture on my blog all day..lol

So I used....

I love these easy packs! Add 1 cup of water and poof...pancake mix!

1 egg
1 slice Tillimook Cheddar
2 Turkey Sausage links cut down the middle

...and bam, breakfast!



*Kitchen Tip*

A while back I had heard that the expiration date on eggs can actually be extended for 2 weeks (or more). This date is just for grocery stocking and when they get pulled off the shelves and sent back to the "farm", the eggs are actually checked and repackaged with a new expiration date. Hmmm do not know if this is true, but decided to do some research to find out HOW you know your eggs have gone bad..this is what I found.


Put your egg into a glass of water if the egg floats it is bad. Floating means that air has penetrated the shell and you do not want to eat that yolk! The egg in my picture has an "expiration" date of Feb 14th...today is the 25th. My egg sinks, it is still good and I used it for the above recipe and it was yummy! 

"If the egg sinks to the bottom, but stands on its point, it's still good but needs to be used soon. Since egg shells are porous, overtime the liquid in the egg evaporates and is replaced by outside air. This results in more buoyant eggs."

Do you have any egg or kitchen tips? I would love to hear it!



Anonymous said...

I love McGriddles I never thought to make them myself!

Unknown said...

I never knew that - what a good tip!

Teresa said...

Good idea! I bet these were yummy. I also gotta tell you, I've minimized your blog window so I could listen to good ol' Louis A while I'm blog surfing. :) Thanks.

a49erfangirl said...

Thanks for the tip!! Looks like the best homemade McGriddle to me :)

Momfluential said...

That looks like a great decadent brekkie! I wonder if I could make it with a wheat free blueberry waffle for a special treat.... hmmm

***Sharon*** said...


I use the same method when testing out my eggs! It's a great tip! (But I never knew that eggs had another two weeks or so after the date. Good to know!)

tichat said...

hey!! I want to make those quick and easy pancakes!!!
Do you want to swap anything like this with me?
I have the recipe of the "unforgettable tiramisu"

even-star said...

That is quite possibly the BEST thing I ever saw. EVAR. Found you at FMF at Trendy Treehouse

Unknown said...

I never heard of this before -- thank you!

(I am a first-time Friday Follower)

Happy Hound Creative said...


I've never heard of the egg trick but i am going to try it for sure!

Angie said...

Great tip...thanks for sharing!

You have a fun blog! I can't wait to read more...I'm following now!

Vixen of Vixensden.com said...

And now I want breakfast for a mid afternoon snack. That looks so good. I will try to remember the tip for checking eggs. Right now, with the 18 and 21 yo's eggs don't last more than a day around here.


Mama Mary said...

Love this tip! I've ALWAYS wondered about the expiration date on eggs! I need to make that yummy breakfast treat tomorrow!

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Great tip, I never knew that!


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