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Friday, February 5, 2010

Business 2 Blogger

Business 2 Blogger

I was cruising on Facebook and stumbled on this awesome site Business 2 Blogger and I HAD to join, as a blogger who does reviews it is perfect and I know you will love it too!

What’s all this about?

"Business2Blogger was designed for 3 main purposes:

1. For The Blogger:

 To give every Blogger, big and small, access to paid writing opportunities that have traditionally been grabbed before they even knew it was available! (read more / sign up)

2. For The Business:

 To give businesses a free way to connect with people with voices on the internet for the promotion of their products and services. (read more / get started)"

How does it work?

Ok…Stay with the class here…

For The Blogger:

You sign up. We send you a maximum of 1 email per day containing paid blogging opportunities. If you find one you are interested in, we put you directly in touch with the business that needs your bloggy expertise. Then we leave you two lovebirds alone"

So does this sound good to you, sure it does...and guess what...it's FREE! Yep the best kind..FREE!

Want more?

They are also running a giveaway for a over $600 blog makeover...wahoo!!!! I am so there..already signed myself up to win..tee hee.

So go, don't walk..RUN and check them out!!



Holly Lefevre said...

OK, that sounds very interesting...Off to check them out!
Holly @ 504 Main

monica said...

Oh I am on my way now to check them out. How fun! Thanks for telling me about them!

Bird said...

What a wonderful blog and family!!!

Thank you for stopping by Bird Crafts!

BTW I am running over there, thanks!! :)

Janie B said...

Hmmm...free is good. Thanks for the info.

Janine said...

I'll be checking these out. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Texasholly said...

Thanks so much for posting this! We really really appreciate it. We are super excited that our first blogger email will be going out on Monday *fingers crossed* - whoo hoo.

Thanks again!

TaderDoodles said...

Went looking for info about this site this morning!

Oh, there's a surprise for you!


***Sharon*** said...

Super cool! But honestly - you do not need a blog makeover! Yours looks great! :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

That's really interesting - thanks for the heads-up :)


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