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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ladybugs N Butterflies Review

I  love girly accessories and even more when their adorable clips, headbands for my girls. C is now starting to become a little fashionista when it comes to jewelry and hair accessories so she was very excited to open the package that came in the mail the other day.

I was contacted by LadyBugs N Butterflies. An adorable online childrens hair accessory boutique and all things girly. I received to review two of the cutest clips. First the Mariel Joy and the Makayla Mae. Adorable!

Mariel Joy

Makayla Mae

So what do I think makes Ladybugs N Butterflies different from other accessory boutique? The first thing I noticed besides the wide variety to choose from was that each product has a child's name. It's a small thing to some but I find it cute and whimsy. Another thing I like is the big pictures or each product so you can see detail. However my ultimate thumbs up goes to the fact that you get to choose your type of hair clip or "Pony O's". I have never seen it done and I love it! So really you get to customize the style, color and the hardware for a price I find to be very reasonable for the quality. Stop by their Hair Accessory Types and color Swatches page to see all that is available.

M loves the Mariel Joy (butterfly) one and Ciera calls the Makayla Mae "a princess flower", because you know everything starts with princess at 4..lol I was very impressed the with workmanship, care and detail in both the clips, I am actually a little jealous. I wish I knew how to create like this. Along with the clips, Pony O's and headbands they also offer Accessory Holders to keep everything neat and organized.

A little about them:

 "Ladybugs N Butterflies has been making fine boutique children's hair accessories and clothing since our launch in 2004.  Our products are carried in many Retail Stores and Online Boutiques across the USA and abroad. We are constantly growing, while never sacrificing QUALITY!"

They also have just launched their line for Spring/Summer 2010. In celebration they are offering a great deal! Place and order of $50 or more (calculated before shipping) and they will for FREE include a pair of Hailey Lynne Valentine's Day Clip's or Pony O's!

A few more of my favorites. I just think these are too adorable not to feature. 

Want something more? Stop by their other two online stores Snuggle Bugs Boutique and Cutie Tee's.

DISCLAIMER: I was approached and given the opportunity by Ladybugs N Butterflies to review their product free of charge. The opinions given in the above post are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.



Regina said...

Those are adorable. I use to make things like that a very long time ago. My mom had a children's shop and I made unique items for it. The dragonfly one really brought back some memories. (I made hair clips with felt dragonflies and embroidered the bottom of cotton panties with dragonflies and flowers. The panties went over the diaper so when they crawled they had the cutest lil hiney!!! Thank you for some long forgotten memories sweetie.


Unknown said...

I love the crochet ones! Having a girl is great!

monica said...

Those are super cute! What great talent they have to make those hair goodies! And isn't it funny how little girls just know at an early age that they are princess's!

Veronica Lee said...

They are adorable. Sigh!! If only I had daughters!!

Sarah Coulsey said...

Those are really pretty!!!

I am following from friday follow. Sorry I am late/ or early!!!




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