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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I know I am a few days late on welcoming in the New Year but it has taken me a few days to recover...lol. We didn't do anything huge, just had a couple friends over, played poker, Wii and ate a lot. It has been a while since hubby and I actually had an adult New Years...away from the kids, hopefully next year. In the mean time this was actually the first New Years in a few years that hubby and I got to actually spend it together so that was nice.

All over the news New Years Day all I heard was talk of "resolutions". It is so interesting that it's always the same stuff they talk about every year....weight loss, eating better, getting out of debt, finding a mate. Obviously we as a whole do not keep our resolutions otherwise the list wouldn't be the same year after year.  I do not make resolutions, I know I will not follow through and I am the first to admit it. I hate to disappoint myself, so I will not commit to something I know I will fail in the long run. It kinda sounds like I am being hard on myself, or putting myself down...but no...I am a realist..lol. I do applaud those that stick to their resolutions. I have a few friends that actually make a resolution every year and stick to it, I envy them. The fact that they can say "I am going to do xyz this year..." and never waver...it is inspiring.

I know last year was not only hard for myself but for so many others. So this year my wish is for all of us to have a happier year full of prosperity, love and amazing friendships.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fun New Year's Eve Poker and Wii are always good times.

I like your wish and hope you have a wonderful New Year as well. Happy 2010!

schmoo said...

”La mulÈ›i ani!” for you, from Romania. This means that I wish for you to live many years :D

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Katrina said...

2009 was definitely a rough year. Good riddance and bring on 2010!! :)

Happy New Year. I'm glad you were able to spend it with your husband.

Stopping by from SITS.

Debbie said...

We just got a Wii for Christmas and I love it!
Happy New Year. Dropped by from SITS.

Shaunell said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by from SITS! I love your music!

***Sharon*** said...

Happy New Year Steph!

I'm not making any resolutions either. Instead I have created a theme for the year. This year it is "getting rid of excess baggage" which includes poundage (lol), material things, and people (if you know what I mean!)

Wishing you and your awesome family a great new year!

Capital Mom said...

Happy New Year to you!

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Happy belated New Year too! Your blog is cute (if you'd like some help revamping it, for free, just drop me a line.) Your Etsy store looks awesome. What adorable dresses! Have a great Saturday! I'm on SITS too, by the way.



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