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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dentyne Premium Badge Edition Bottles Review & Giveaway

I was contacted by Dentyne to review a product for their new campaign, the premium badge edition bottles. First can I get a whoot whoot, because I am an avid gum chewer this excites me and besides what a great campaign to be apart of. Adding art to packaging, putting it literally in the hands of millions of people to ponder and appreciate, I think this awesome.

"Dentyne® is a must-have socializing essential that allows socially addicted consumers to practice safe breath for the confidence to make a close connection instantly. Dentyne® premium badge edition bottles, a first in the U.S. gum category, come in twelve bold, badgy, limited edition designs for three flavors: Peppermint, Spearmint and Arctic Chill�. The bottles, designed by artist Anthony Yankovic, are especially appealing to young adults who love socializing. Anthony previously produced limited edition designs for trend and badge-driven categories like Apparel, Skateboard and Snowboards."

I had the opportunity to try out the Peppermint Premium Badge Edition Pack. Before even diving into the gum, I spent a little while turning and turning the bottle. Looking at the art work and all the intriguing detail. Personally I am a fan of the 3 eyed cat. You'll have to get your own to see what I mean. The bottle design itself is very compact for holding 60 pieces of gum and not heavy, good for carrying in a backpack or beach bag.

The lid is even interesting. It has 2 ways to get to your gum. Pop open the small top to shake out one piece at a time (good for sharing with peeps ), or a larger pop top opening to dip your hand in and grab more than one piece. This is good for driving, The bottle fits very well in my cup holder and while I'm driving I can pop the large top open and grab a piece while I'm driving or stopped at a red light.

The flavor of the gum is wonderful. As soon as you bite down you get that intense rush of flavor that makes your mouth cold. Personally I think this is the best feeling. You know, when you inhale and all you get is ice cold feeling all through your mouth down to the back of your throat..ya baby! Okay maybe it's just me, but the flavor does lasts awhile. I only need one piece at a time where with other brands I sometimes need more.

So if your like me and appreciate a good, long lasting, flavorful gum with wicked artwork go grab yourself a pack today!



CailinMarie said...

wow the can is really cool!

Mhel said...

cute packaging! I remember a friend who's addicted to dentyne. She doesn't want any mints or gums except for Dentynes. So when she moved to Dubai, she even bought loads of it. There aren't Dentynes there.

Stopping by from SITS!! HAve a blessed week!!


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