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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eden Fantasys Review

*Sexual Content Disclaimer*

This review is for mature readers 18 yrs and older. If you are easy offended by the topic of sex please skip this post.

Now for all of those of you that have decided to stick around for the review...yay! I know the topic of sex is not a everyday conversation we have in "normal" society. Thank goodness I am not normal by some standards. I am actually very open on the topic and feel that especially we as beautiful, sexy woman should embrace our sexuality the way we want to. I have been thinking long and hard (*chuckle* no pun intended) about how to address this review. Should I be general and coy or straight up honest. I prefer the honest approach so again if you are a little squeeze in the tummy talking about sex or "marital aids" you can stop reading here.

No? Your still with me? Your my kind of people!

I personally think sex is beautiful and I think being sexual, open and honest about it especially with your partner is the biggest turn on ever. Why do we as a society blush when we even think about sex? It's nothing new. It has been happening for centuries and yet we have closed off ourselves to the ultimate pleasure of it. My biggest question is why are we afraid to ask our partners for exactly what we want. I know some of you out there are as open as I am (you freaky girls) about what we want in bed or what we like, but so many are scared. Scared of what their partner may think of them if they bring up a fantasy or something different they may want to try. Why? You trust your husband, partner, lover with your secrets, your heart or even your life right? Why not trust them with your sexual cravings and desires?

"Sex shops" to me have gotten a bad wrap over the years. They are not necessarily a place for only perverts and deviants. Yes there are some less than savory characters I have seen in a few shops I have visited with my hubby, but to me I could not help but laugh because it almost made the persona true. This might be why woman do not feel comfortable about going to a brick and mortar type store. What if someone see's you walking in? What will the people inside think of you?

This brings me to a great place I had the pleasure (pun intended) to review, Eden Fantasys. A place you can visit discreetly and in the privacy of your own home. Eden Fantasys is one of the best online companies I have visited for massage oils, lubricants, adult toys and lingerie. This site is very user friendly and the selection of products available is huge. Anything your little heart desires can be found here. Wanna put some spark back into your marriage? Why not try a fun board game to play or some role playing accessories. Take a peak at their Sex Toys For Couples page. From sexy boards games, books, videos and more it all can be found there.
Need a new or maybe your first vibrator? Checkout the selection from the Vibrator Shop. From the small "pocket" types, to the cute and funny and even some that baffle me that I'm pretty sure I would need a 5 page instruction book to operate.

What if I place my order, how will it arrive to me? Will it be obvious it came from this site? The answer is NO. When I received my package to review, not only did I receive it faster than I expected, but it was so inconspicuous I did not even know what it was until I opened it.

Some other great points I would like to mention on about Eden Fantasys is they have a line of "Green Sex Toys". That's right, this company is also eco conscience. From rechargeable vibes, biodegradable toys, non toxic toys for you latex allergic folks and green balms and oils. They even have eco-conscious manufacturing.

SEXIS is their online magazine for "all things sexual". Whether it be on sex, health, society and more this is a great online tool for people with questions to find answers. Want more? They also have a Community Forum where you can interact with people, see what other people points of view may be or just to chit chat. Stop by their Blog and check out interviews with industry professional, see products reviews and more.

"EdenFantasys invites you to learn from others, share your experiences and re-discover sex. We offer online shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring resources. Eden Fantasys is an internet sex toy and adult novelty retailer. We uphold a standard of quality in the toys we offer to our customers, but we are even more focused on customer service and consumer education. The site has developed an online community of product reviewers, editorial writers, fantasy writers, and sexuality experts, in addition to other educated and opinionated people."



Carrie Ella said...

Ha! I see SEX in the title of any post in my reader and I'm there!

I love Eden Fantasys!

I also think any woman in this day and age who is uptight about sex and gets all embarrassed talking about it is probably a woman who needs to get ahold of the rabbit!

mudmama said...

Hey, this is the most interesting post I have seen on a mommy blog in a while! ;)

Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

Thanks for writing this post! We are mothers, but that is only part of who we are. And our sexuality is what made us mothers in the first place! I applaud you for writing this post and am definitely going to be checking out Eden Fantasys.

Nishant said...

this is the most interesting post I have seen on a mommy blog in a while! ;)

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