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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tempelton's Huge Contest Starts Friday!!

It's finally time! If you remember my previous post about being able to help out with Tempelton's Timeless Infant Silver rename their product contest (if not click here), well tomorrow Friday Aug 7th it's time for you to enter to win this awesome basket worth over $1500!!!

Go to their CONTEST LINK for contest rules and to browse through the list of participants that donated their time and products for this awesome basket!

If you live in or near Charleston, SC the basket will be on display for you to view and enter at Jackson Madeleine on King Street in Historic Charleston, SC. You can also see them and the basket on Lowcountry Live Friday morning @ 1000 on ABC as well as the "Moxie" section of the Post & Courier.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Stephanie, I found your blog on Classy Closet - you have a great blog and I love the title. Wonderful contests!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up...

you rule...



Kat said...

you have a beautiful page. I love the name and some super giveaways!



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