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Friday, July 31, 2009

Templeton's Timeless Infant Silver

I am happy to announce Sew Fierce has been able to help out another "Mompreneur" team by donating product for their Giant Gift Basket Giveaway. There are so many wonderful businesses involved and they are receiving more and more product everyday to add to the basket. Mine was shipped out this week so they should be receiving it in a few days,yay!
See the press release below for details on how you can enter this great giveaway by helping them rename their product.



CHARLESTON, S.C., JULY 27, 2009– Small business owners and sisters Rhett & Neyle Templeton recently learned how childish corporate life can be when giant Playtex Corporation ordered them to drop the “Binky” from their signature product, the Heirloom Binky Bracelet.

“Binky” seemed to be a cute, generic word helping describe the sterling silver pacifier holder (which converts to a keepsake bracelet for posterity) that the sisters created for their co-owned business, Templeton’s – Timeless Infant Silver. Both stay-at-home moms, Rhett & Neyle epitomize the success of the “Mompreneur” movement, having received national publicity for their products on “The Drs” TV show, as well as promotion in “swag bags” for Hollywood babies.

All was peaceful until Playtex confronted Templeton’s last week with a “cease and desist” order to drop “Binky” from their name. It turns out “Binky” is trademarked as Playtex’s pacifier brand.

With only five business days to follow through, the Templetons turned a jarring setback into opportunity, and not just for themselves, announcing a contest to rename their product.
“The contest will be announced on August 7th on the Charleston morning show Lowcountry Live with Ryan Nelson,” co-owner Rhett Templeton said.

There will be one Grand Prize Winner, who will receive a large basket stuffed with “Infant to Mommy” Products from clients of the PR and Marketing Company Baby Swags, which places “mompreneur” creations in swag bags for celebrities.

Baby Swags owner Phyllis Pometta stepped in immediately to help when she learned of the sisters’ business crisis, Templeton noted. “From the U.S. to Canada as well as Australia, the generosity of our peers and their willingness to help another small business in need has been overwhelming.”

Contest rules can be found on the Templeton’s website, www.TempletonSilver.com. The Grand Prize Basket products can be viewed both there and on Baby Swags’ website, www.BabySwagsPR.wordpress.com. The contest is open to all.



Hit 40 said...

Binky is a registered trademark??? What the heck?? This is just crazy.

I found your site on the mommy blogger site. Great information. I clicked follow for us :-)

sheila said...

Glad you found me, veryyyyy cute site you have! Now. I cannot believe they would fight that Binky Bracelet...talk about jerks.

Everyone knows what a binky is for God's sake...that's like someone trademarking the word pillow!

Stupidity I tell ya.

The Redhead Riter said...

for you...


Carma Sez said...

Wow. The Big Guys are flexing their muscles on this one. Way to try and intimidate a tiny competitor :-(


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