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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Hot On The Range" Book Review

A beautiful illustrated book about a Paint horse named Chester and his adventure to try and stay cool in the Texas summer heat. Along the way we are introduced to Chester's friends who offer solutions to stay cool, but Chester is looking for something else. During Chester's quest be cool, he becomes muddy and has a thorn in his nose from a prickly cactus flower he foolishly tried to smell.

His big adventure draws near after Chester follows an old cow to drink from their owners birdbath, however the water is gone after the old cow takes her fill. What is Chester to do now? Just as he ponders this question his owner comes out and she see's how hot he is an offers a cool solution, a nice bath from the hose. Cooled down and free from muddy and the prickly thorn he goes to finally rest and relax under the shade bush in the cooling breeze.

Hot On The Range
author R.D Jentsch is a Texas native who owns fourteen horses of her own. As a avid horsewoman she has been in the horse industry for fifteen years. She is committed to writing quality childrens tales to ensure they have a resourse to guide them toward a kindler and gentler side of horsemanship.

Hot On The Range is available at Amazon.com




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