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Friday, July 10, 2009

Between You And Me

Between Me and You Keepsake Journals are wonderful personal gifts you can give to someone special in your life. These hardcover, spiral bound journals contain 35-45 fun questions and are divided into 6 chapters each asking about a different phase of life or relationship. You can even add pictures or questions of your own on the blank pages in the back. The spiral bound journal also makes it easy to rip out pages that are not relevant to keep the journal flowing.

Give as a gift for someone to fill out and return back to you or fill one out yourself to giveaway. Personally I think I would love to fill one out for my daughters and give it to them when they are older. I would also love for my mother and grandmother to fill one out for me. With 15 different journals to choose from you could give one to everyone in your family as well as your closest friends. Spanish versions are also available. To view the different journals available and see a preview of the prewritten questions go to Between Me and You Journals.com

Winston Simmonds Jr is President/Founder of Sand Dune Publishing and created the Between Me and You Relationship Keepsake Journals. His desire to have something truly personal and meaningful from his family and friends was his driving force for creating the keepsake journal. The response from his family and friends when he gifted them his original handwritten journal helped him to realize others might also want a more meaningful interaction with their family and friends. He says " I just wanted to share this unique journal idea to help us all get a little closer to the people we care about while having fun at the same time."

To order yours go to Between Me and You Journals . At an amazing cost of only $14.95 wouldn't it me nice to have a personalized keepsake to look back on or one to pass down through the generations.

When you order use the Coupon Code APFOB and receive $1.00 off your order!



Mommy24cs said...

What a cool journal! I'm always stumped at what to write about so the prompts would be perfect for me.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

I love journals.

thatgirlblogs said...

good idea- maybe I'll do it with my daughter. thanks for the coupon code.

here from SITS


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