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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Etiquette: Is there such a thing?

Just as their is etiquette in the real world, there is most defiantly etiquette here in the blogosphere I have come to love. I have met really amazing bloggers since mine has been up and running and continue to meet more and more everyday. That is the great part of this whole community we have here and while I have not personally had any of my blog friends or visitors ever be nothing but wonderful to me, I have to say that I have seen some what I would call "no no's" out in the blog world. So I thought for the new bloggers out there that are still getting their feet wet I would post my top 4 pet peeves that I personally find bad etiquette.

1) Be yourself, be creative: NEVER steal another bloggers words, pictures, buttons, ect without their permission. Find your own voice and be creative. While it is good to update your blog at least once a week, if you do not have anything to post about please do not think it is okay to steal posts or ideas from someone else just so you give the illusion your blog is hot. I'm not saying you should post just anything...not everyone may want to know how many times you pee'd today but i'm sure you can find something in your life or the city around you to blog about.

2) Give Props: The wonderful thing about blogging is having new people come checkout your site and you going to theirs. If you find something on another blog that interests you always link back and give props. We build ourselves up by visiting each other. DO NOT be selfish. I always try to make sure that if I find something on another blog that I want to post about I not only put the name of the blog, but always hyperlink back to them. Just like me, the other bloggers work very hard to find new sites, products, giveaways and it is only good etiquette to let everyone know about them.

3) Respond: Always try to respond to your commenters. They took the time to stop by your blog, so it's only fair you do the same. Responding back is also a great way to find new blogs you never knew about and if you do...do not forget rule #2!

4) Comment: Simple, if you read something and you liked it, found a picture beautiful or just to say hi to someone new... COMMENT! Don't be afraid. You might find a new friend and or you might make that blogger smile knowing you visited.

So there you have it, my Top 4. It is of course just my opinions but from the bloggers I have talked to it seems to be a pretty universal feeling.


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I totally agree with your blog etiquette here! I get frustrated when I visit/comment on other blogs and never get any return love. ha!

Speaking of that, thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Tanielle said...

Hey there, you were above me in the roll call at SITS, so I thought I'd say hello!

Cute blog, glad I found it. I love the pic you have with your profile, absolutely gorgeous!

Now I'm going to go check out your store! Great post by the way..I very much agree!

Have a great day!


***Sharon*** said...

"AMEN SISTER!" lol I really think it's only respectful to give credit when credit is due. Don't take credit for something that isn't your own...whether it be an idea, a project, etc. Give props! It's okay to be inspired by something you see...and then to make it yourself and make it your own...but thank that other person for the inspiration! If you don't it's like sewing/crafting plagiarism!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Preach it, SITStah! Actually, I'm still learning new blogging rules all the time--trying to start my own list for my family readers who don't yet blog (but who really should). These are some of the most important I'm learning. I fail miserably, sometimes (especially on busy days when I miss making my comment rounds). But I'm learning and trying to balance it all.

Will be back for more... <3


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you!! I think there should be a list of blogging rules!! I hope no one has ever stole anything from you!!

Saying hi from SITS!

Capital Mom said...

Thanks foryour rules. I have just started blogging so I am still figuring it out. In just stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed it. Thanks.

***Sharon*** said...

BTW - LOVE the new layout! I'm thinking cute little birdie applique....like the birdie on your page! ;)

vfernandez said...

thanks for posting these.. Im new to the blogs also, and its nice to be reminded. :-)

SoBella Creations said...

I totally agree! I visit a lot of blogs. And always leave a comment. But, I know over 1/2 of the people I visit never visit or leave a comment at my blog.


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