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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Adore Him

I really love my husband and a teeny tiny bit more when he tells me to go find my happy. So where did my happy take me today???

I got to upgrade my serger and buy an embroidery machine....eeek!! I'm so excited i'm sure the dogs 20 miles away could hear me squeal. I really liked the Babylock I had previously, but the owner of the shop I bought it from told me that if I wanted to upgrade within the year he would buy back my serger for full paid price and I could put it toward the Imagine. SCORE!

The embroidery machine is a Singer Futura. Not as fancy as my girlfriend who has the next model up with the display screen and stuff, but I am sooo not complaining. Now I realize this is probably going to be my next anniversary, birthday and Christmas gifts and I am good with that. I can't wait to see how this baby works!


***Sharon*** said...

"I adore him" - are you talking about Traves or your new machine? lol

As you would say, "That is FANTASTIC!" Lucky girl!

Crafty Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crafty Mom said...

YAY.... thats awsome Steph I am so happy for you. I have the futura and love it, you can download free designs in any format and stitch your little heart out. You are going to Love Love Love it.


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