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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Craft Show Fun! {sew fierce}

My girlfriend (aka unpaid assistant) Courtney taking a brake after setup.

For the past month I have been in my sewing room working for this one day, my first PA craft show! I didn't know what type of vendors there would be and what the locals were looking to buy, so I just made a little bit of this and some of that.

I didn't even have an idea of how I was going to set up for the show until the day before. I think my table turned out super cute. I was going for a classic, antique look and I think I did pretty good with what I had.

I had a vinyl banner printed through Vista Print. I am so in love with it!!

Blooms and Mini Blooms displayed in a antique chest for easy browsing.

Our new clip cards....love!

I found a mini chest perfect for displaying my business cards

Holiday clips and headbands

Daddy brought the girls dressed in Fierce ware. They had so much fun chatting with people passing by and passing out my business cards. They passed out almost 200!!

I made 10 new layered cinch skirts for the show, so super cute!

My booth neighbor was my girlfriend Janine from MiaBella BoutiquePA. I was so excited that we were able to get our table next to each other. Being as nervous as I was for my first show, it helped to have a friend and craft show veteran next to me to show me the ropes and chat with. 

MiaBella BoutiquePA does not fool around when it comes to shows. So much fabulous inventory and things to buy...I really had to restrain myself from spending all my profits at her booth. If you looking for fabulous bows, braided headbands and much more stop over and check her out!

We all had so much fun, it really was a great experience. I met so many wonderful new fans and had a blast talking with everyone. I look forward to returning to the show next year!

Coming soon to Sew Fierce - I made so many new clips and headbands over the past month. Some with jewel centers, some super cute mix and match fabrics, I will be posting those and the rest of the new skirts to the shop soon!


MiaBella BoutiquePA said...

Thanks for the Shoot Out!!!!! <3 XOXOX <3

Sue W. said...

Looks like you had a blast! I jumped over to your shop -- my granddaughter isn't even here yet and there are already so many cute things I found for her! It's okay to plan (far) ahead, right?!

Kim of Mo Betta said...

WOW! You have been busy! Your booth looks great, hope you sold lots and lots of stuff!

Candy Girl said...

Wow, so much gorgeous stuff!


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