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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Easy Lunchboxes Mini Dippers {bento}

Sept 7th - Crown sami using my LunchPunch, carrots and hummus, 
apple slices and mini cranberry orange muffins

If you have followed my bento journey over the past few years you have undoubtedly seen me mention my love for Easy Lunchboxes. One container, several compartments and easy on/off lid are just a few features I love about them. Well guess what!!! ELB has just launched their "Mini Dippers"! 

Sept 10th - LunchPunch Flower sami, carrots with hummus,
veggie chips or pretzel thins.

Isn't it fabulous! The perfect size container to fit right inside the lunchbox. I snagged mine from my friend Kelly the owner of Easy Lunchboxes. That's right she's my friend, you can be jealous now..lol I am so in love with my Mini Dippers. No more trying to find the right size container that will work and then being frustrated when I fail. Not only do I know they work everytime, but they come from a company I trust.

Sept 11th - LunchPunch cupcake sami's, strawberry yogurt with sprinkles,
decorated apple and baby carrots or tomatoes.

You can buy your own Mini Dippers today. Click over to Easy Lunchboxes and place your order!

Want to see more amazing lunches/bentos using Mini Dippers? You have to stop by these fabulous blogs and trust me, it is totally worth it!


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